Teaching about the importance of balance.

Community, education, nutrition and exercise are the four pillars on which I connect.

I’ve been an Independent Herbalife Distributor for the past 23 years and as such have received training and mentorship from Herbalife’s Founder,  Mark Hughes and world renowned Business Philosopher Jim Rohn. Through the years I have been trained by Dr David Heber and many of the leading scientists behind the Herbalife products and Board of Directors, including Noble Laureate, Dr Louis Ignarro and 17th Surgeon General of the USA, Dr Richard Carmona
As a mom, with the Herbalife opportunity as my chosen career, I have worked around my two wonderful children and reached my wellness and income goals, and yet I feel I am only just beginning, with so much more to strive for, loving what I am doing all the while.

I’ve worked directly with thousands of Members both in my Team and those of my colleagues, in changing lives of literally thousands of people around South Africa and the Globe. Educating about nutrition and about making simple daily changes, which add up to major changes for the better in terms of health, vitality and healthy ageing is what we do daily. Addressing the three major megatrends, obesity, ageing population and rising health care costs, we at Herbalife Nutrition are a positive force for change.

I’ve worked with individuals and corporates alike. Leading people from not knowing about simple changes which can impact their lives, to knowing and implementing these changes, one day at a time. Hearing the feedback of how they implemented the simple changes and how they are now feeling empowered and filled with vitality, is truly rewarding. No longer a slave to their bathroom scales or dreading their yearly medicals.

I am based in Johannesburg, but I am able to work with you wherever you may be in South Africa (in the 90 countries in which I may conduct business)

In short, I aim to make you, look and feel your best, for life!


I will be your Wellness advisor and Coach, beside you all the way on your journey to the best version of yourself, for yourself.  Live your best life, now!



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